What is iCare workers compensation?

Find out how to lodge a claim through iCare, how long workcover payments last and what happens when workcover ends.

iCare is a government agency which provides workplace injury insurance to NSW businesses, and was formed through the commencement of the State Insurance and Care Governance Act. It works closely with businesses and government agencies to prevent workplace injuries and manage risks.

The iCare workers compensation scheme currently has over 326,000 employers and covers around 3.6 million employees.

What is the workcover claim process with iCare

To make a claim through iCare workers compensation, you will need access to the online portal. For government employees, you will need to contact your employing agency as your employer will need to lodge the claim on your behalf. 

From the moment you lodge your injury through the portal, you will be able to view all matters related to your claim in one place including: health and recovery plans, updating your details and claiming any pre-approved expenses. 

It is important that you raise the claim as soon as possible so that your employer can advise their insurer and start the process on their end. 

When reporting the incident, you should have the following available:

  • Your employer’s details.
  • Contact details of your treating doctor.
  • Description of the incident and your injury.
  • Details of any time off work.

You should also provide a copy of the WorkCover Certificate of Capacity. This certificate is obtained from your treating doctor and provides medical evidence of your injury as a result of your employment, and any incapacity for employment suffered due to your injury. It is also helpful to provide your e wage information.

Once you have advised your employer of the claim, they are required to inform their insurer within 48 hours. You can also notify the insurer directly. It is advisable to speak to one of our workers compensation lawyers if you are in doubt about the process. 

How does workcover work?

Lodging the claim is the first step of the process. Thereafter, the insurer will assess liability for your claim and a case manager will be in touch to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. You will be able to track the progress of your claim through the online portal. 

If the insurer has not made a decision on liability within 7 days, the insurer will commence ‘provisional payments’ until a decision is made. Provisional payments can be made for up to 12 weeks and cover loss of income, as well as medicals up to $10,000.

All payments including provisional payments made to you are trackable via the online portal. 

How long do workcover payments last?

If your claim is accepted, you will be entitled to the following;

  1. Weekly payments of compensation for any time you are required to have off work due to your injury, and;
  2. Payment of your medical expenses, including travel to and from medical appointments. 

Weekly payments are paid at a rate of 80 – 95% of your pre-injury average weekly earnings depending upon how many weeks you have been in receipt of payments, and whether you have returned to work. If you have returned to work, then you will be paid your weekly compensation entitlement less any actual earnings. 

If you suffer permanent and ongoing disability from your injury, you may also be entitled to a lump sum payment based on ‘permanent impairment’. It is advisable to speak to one of our workers compensation lawyers about whether you may be eligible for this payment. 

Payments will come to an end once you return to your pre-injury work and hours.

If you have not returned to work, then most weekly payments of compensation end after 5 years, unless you are assessed as suffering a ‘Whole Person Impairment’ of 21% or more. Your percentage of Whole Person Impairment is assessed by a WorkCover Approved Doctor, and we can make arrangements for you to be assessed for this purpose. If you would like to know more, contact our offices to speak with one of our workers compensation lawyers.  

In the event liability is not admitted, you may want to request a review of your claim or lodge a dispute. Contact our offices to speak to one of our lawyers about what we can do to assist in requesting a review or challenging that dispute. 

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