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A motor vehicle accident left Alex fighting for justice for more than 7 years, until he changed lawyers to Masselos & Co.

“Masselos & Co listened. They brought in the right people. They went out of their way to help.” - Alex

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Standing up for what you believe in can leave you feeling intimidated, even alone. But don’t worry, we’re in your corner. If you’re entitled to compensation and the big end of town is breathing down your neck, Masselos & Co does more than stand behind you. We confront the issues and have your back.

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We’ll discuss your situation and provide an honest assessment of your case. Free of charge.

No win, no fee

We’re in it together. Should the outcome not be in your favour you won’t pay any legal fees whatsoever.

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We cover all upfront costs, and won’t ask for anything unless we start getting results.

No juniors, just seniors

Your case will be managed by an experienced senior lawyer, from day one till day done.

Genuine clients. Genuine stories.

Masselos & Co Lawyers are proud to have worked with people from all walks of life, helping them and their families get the compensation they deserve and, most importantly, peace of mind. We take every case personally, something our clients really appreciate. These are a few of their stories.


Hear how Arthur managed to secure his family's future after a serious accident put it all in doubt.


After being turned down by bigger law firms, Jesse turned to Masselos & Co to help.


Find out how Masselos & Co helped Anita rebuild her life after a serious car accident.

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Proudly representing NSW workers and unions for over 50 years

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The FBEU’s coverage of all professional firefighters throughout NSW is enshrined in the Union’s registered rules made under the Industrial Relations Act, 1996. These rules grant the Union coverage of all employees engaged in or in connection with firefighting and fire prevention in New South Wales.

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United Workers Union members have a strong history of taking up the fight for working people. They are proud of where they have been, what they have won, and the people that have been there over their proud histories. Together, they aim to transform the future for working people. content_uploads_2019_08_Sugar worker

The AWU began representing shearers and miners. Today their members range from manufacturing to the beauty industry. The union is as diverse as the industries it represents, but they are unified by the belief that when they stand together, they are stronger.

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