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Kevin Ramsay

Senior Legal Advocate

Kevin has worked in personal injury law for over 30 years and enjoys nothing more than the smile and pat on the back of a happy, satisfied client. He knows how to work with you to quickly identify your best course of action, guide you through the necessary medical investigations and be there every step of the way to obtain the very best outcome.

Kevin Ramsay

“I have happily worked in personal injury law since 1987, with a focus on helping severely injured people. I love the work that I do and find operating within a team of specialised experts immensely satisfying.

The most tangible reward however, is in the appreciation shown by an injured client who is given absolute joy and some measure of dignity from the result. I believe in most cases, this does compensate for the pain they’ve experienced due to their injury. This is the satisfying consequence of my work. That feeling makes the time and effort worthwhile and more than a pleasure”.

– Kevin Ramsay


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