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Jesica Sharma


Jesica sees her role in law as allowing people to access fair compensation seamlessly. Empathising deeply with the challenges of personal injury, her practice focuses on medical negligence, workers' compensation, and injury claims. She's committed to creating positive client experiences guided by compassion and effective communication.

Jesica Sharma

“In my legal practice, I see it as our duty to bridge the gap between the law and the individual, ensuring smooth access to fair compensation. Having experienced the challenges of personal injury firsthand, I deeply empathise with the physical, emotional, and financial toll it takes on people and their loved ones. My personal encounters have provided me with profound insights into these difficulties.

My approach is centered on creating positive client experiences guided by compassion, patience, and effective communication. Specialising predominantly in medical negligence, including obstetric and gynecological cases, brain injuries, surgical errors, medication errors, and botched cosmetic surgeries, my practice also includes workers’ compensation claims, psychological injuries, cancer claims, industrial deafness claims, superannuation, work injury damages, and motor vehicle accidents.

Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and witnessing the life-changing impact of successful outcomes has strengthened my passion for personal injury law. I am committed to continuing to assist individuals and striving for the best possible results on their behalf.”

– Jesica Sharma

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws (UTS)
  • Bacelor of Business (UTS)

Memberships & Associations

  • Law Society of NSW


  • English
  • Hindi

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