Superannuation & Insurance Claims

Has an injury or disability forced you out of work, temporarily or permanently?

If so, you may be entitled to compensation under your existing superannuation or another insurance policy. We can also help unlock funds tied up in your super to make life more comfortable.

Every year, more and more people take out insurance products for income protection or disability cover to give them peace of mind that they and their families will be looked after if they suffer an injury or illness. Most workers also have automatic insurance cover for disability under their superannuation policy.

Unfortunately, claiming the benefits you’ve paid for is not always a straight-forward process as many insurers don’t want to pay when the time comes.

If you’ve paid for an insurance product, then we can help you secure the benefits you have paid for and to make sure the insurance company pays without delay.

Types of claims include:

  • Total or partial disability benefits
  • Temporary or permanent disablement benefits
  • Income protection
  • Life insurance

Tackling insurance companies on your own can  be a daunting prospect.  That’s why you should all Masselos & Co, with 45+ years of experience, our senior lawyers relish these challenges and have secured the futures of thousands of Australian families.

If you feel you may have grounds to make a claim, contact us today for a free initial consultation, and safeguard your family’s future.


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